plant-based vision

social media project, 2023-03-26 – 2023-05-24

“Plant-based vision is a series of virtual events, in which the performers will be plants. Our aim is to let the plants speak for themselves, allowing the human to take part in it only to the most necessary extent. At the same time, we also attempt to trace and recognize – as a sort of nature art – the proximity and similarity of the vegetative and the conscious, the vegetal and the human.

lesson #1 – monstera deliciosa: Our first guest is the monstrea deliciosa – or Swiss cheese plant or split-leaf philodendron. An old – new acquaintance: we spent much time with the philodendron in the milieus of the socialist realist interior decoration – for example, as a design element of the “Napfény” (Sunshine) living room -, while nowadays it most often appears as a motif on textiles and wallpapers. Our tropical guest, this time brought to the foreground provides us with an introduction into being in the present moment.

lesson #2 – quercus robur: Our next guest is the pedunculate oak . She will teach us about her role in folklore and myths – if that’s what she wants. One thing is certain – due to her size and lifespan, many sources refer to her as a “garden within the forest”. Under her sparse crown she provides plenty of room for smaller trees, bushes, plants, fungi or grassy clearings – and her crown is the home of a thousand animals.

lesson #3 – matteuccia struthiopteris: The formation and spread of ferns was already significant in the age of dinosaurs, as they formed huge continuous areas. The organic material accumulated as a result of their destruction is crude oil. Our guest, reminiscent of Paleozoic times – the ostrich fern – invites us into spiral infinity.

lesson # 4 – ulmus pumella: This week, a tree with great resilience takes center stage: the Siberian elm. Her work is important and invisible work: she contributes to the maintenance of the ecosystem by mitigating the effects of climate change and pollution.

lesson #5 – alopecurus myosuroides: The slender meadow foxtail will be the last guest of our lecture series. The opinions and reactions about her are quite divided: in my grandmother’s garden, she is one of the most dreadful weeds, while in my cat’s eyes, it is the best medicine against hairballs. Be that as it may, we say goodbye to our dear followers with her!”