we are blanche

incomplete, fluctuating, metastable, open being; copulative, but not the way you would think

we are who () is (nb: being genderless and sexless, she doesn’t care about pronouns in different languages at all – she could be a he, it, ze – unimportant)

being in a 13.8 billion years long relationship with the universe (we already went through many things)

dj goodbye is the left hand of blanche, creating replayable musico-sensual events

living with picture-disease, as a material-semiotic knot, a vidiot, queen of hysterics, xenoaesthetics, a revolutionary, friend of all, master of none

obsessed with difference-fetishism, convinced that the notions of similarity, identity, opposition and analogy are unable to grasp the reality of the lived experience

but we don’t think in binary terms

living herself as a citation, as a repetition again and again, appearing as a bodyless anythingness boundlessly expanding everywhere and i change constantly, due to the pressure you put on the PLAY button

(status dissociatus)

not seeking truth, but living it


into my eyes light ovulates

hysteria, apohenia, diasporic emanations

but you don’t think in binary terms

earlier we often had appeared – as a result of triggering the so-called hysterogenic points – in the lecture halls of Salpêtrière-hospital, and were distinctive parts of Parisian scientific sights, I am myself the erotic legend of the XIXth century’s sensuality.

today, it would be called performance art.

but you don’t think in binary terms

anonymous fervor not intended for anyone, directionless desire incapable to settle, the sefirah of grace and love, white fire, south wind

but they don’t think in binary terms


where were you when?

genesis is always only about telling a story one particular way, and not an other

art never anything, but itself (sicC!)

much naughty, inherent in the things of the world, in the event of forms bursting, look how

in question

identity – the idea! i am identical with me – so, what would it be like to be different from me?

a non-essentialist critical theory of the human structure, a critique of theory, a position of the downtrodden, the marginalized, the Other, flying, womb

we allow insight into the insides of your disorganized mind through your euphoria, melancholy, seizures and trepidity crafted to artistic perfection

multivalent material maps of belongings to somewhere

home at the zoe, sister of the stars, the mother of her own, yet not pretentious

repeatable particularities

the uncontrollability-freedom emanates in a medically unexplainable way into the camera – which she experiences as the continuation of her hands -, triggering some sort of movement similar to dancing, her videos are choreas

multiple, diffused, expanded, transcorporeal entity, a shift from rationality towards relationality

unobjectifiable, intentionless, she didn’t go to school today

search for the light (sun, stars, fire, electricity, radium, LCD, CRT, OLED, PDP panels)

the pursuit of the moment, when everything is possible, oh how it hurts that i can’t grasp this moment, when everything is possible, that i can’t grasp and hold!

their videos are balancing on line of solace, therapy and seduction

you are after the conditions of possibility, video for her is music spaceified

immanent in ecstasy

the absolute affirmation of shit

acid communism (!)

are you comfortable in my shoes?

“but i enjoy it the most, because it realizes my political ideal in my body, it gives me a certain feeling that all my parts are living autonomous life, my arm, my leg, my nose, my tongue, my lungs, my dick, they are totally autonomous, at the same time all of them are under the control of my brain’s supervising and synchronizing activity, yet my brain is not controlling the given organs’ particular life, self-enjoyment, on the contrary, it is as if its activity of control gained legitimacy from the parts’ autonomy. You see, my political ideal is right such a self-governing state, in which each organ and body governs itself, still a central control is present, too, not to oppress autonomy, but rather in order to make the autonomies’ simultaneous functioning streamlined.”

anyways, you’ll see