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Szabina Péter

Born in 1987, Ózd, Hungary; audiovisual artist, photographer, aesthete. Recently she is mostly active in the fields of multimedia-, installation-, photo- and video art and electronic music. She has been a member of blanche the vidiot since 2020 and noise vegetation since 2023.

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Kristóf János Bodnár

Born in 1984, Nyíregyháza, Hungary; audiovisual artist, sound engineer, philosopher. Currently his chiefly working in the fields of video art and electronic music – mostly by means of analogue and digital sound synthesis. He has been a member of blanche the vidiot since 2020 and noise vegetation since 2023.


2022, ’Electrical Jungle’ project with Kinga Tóth and Silvia Rosani (Hannsmann‐Poethen‐Stipendium 2022), Theater Rampe, Stuttgart, Germany

2022, Szigliget Art Symposion, Szigliget Creative House, MANK Nonprofit Kft.


2023, Adaptér x Bánkitó | KIÁLLÍTÁS, Adaptér, Budapest, Hungary

2023, Art NFT Biennial, “The Catharsis of a Strange Prophecy”, Anamnesis and Ouroboros Pavillion, Istanbul (Zorlu PSM), Berlin, New York, Amsterdam, Paris, London, Bogota, Ichinomiya (Japan), Brussels

2022, Tájművészet – Hagyj kreatív lábnyomot!, Budatower Galéria, Budapest, Hungary

2022, Civility Vs. Violence, Miami New Media Festival, ArtToSaveLives Contemporary, USA, Miami

2022, SOUNDTEXT. Some Currents of Contemporary Poetry, Škuc Gallery, Ljubljana, Slovenia

2022, Art Colony. Cered 25+2, Galéra FX, Banská Bystrica, Slovakia

2022, Grotesque, ArtPiknik Cered 3.0, ArtColony Cered, Cered, Hungary

2021-22, ESSENCE / ABSENCE, [ Pavillion of The Wrong Biennale n°5]

2022, Freedom for free, Millepiani Gallery, Rome, Italy

2021, Tune in to Green short film series, Diorama Room, LLC, Texas

2021, INTERCERED, Cered-Budapest-Warsaw, Art Salon Contemporary, Budapest, Hungary

2022, “We Are Joseph Beuys”, CON-TEMPORARY Art Observatorium, Lavagna, Italy

2021, Folklore and traditions, Millepiani Gallery, Rome, Italy

2021, Re-connect Art festival, Prague Biennale Projekt, Praha, Czech Republic

2021, Hangár, ArtPiknik 2.0 Cered, ArtColony Cered, Cered, Hungary

2021, ÍRMAG/OFFSPRING – Installation of Kinga Tóth, Széchenyi utca, Debrecen, Hungary

2020, Élet – Jelek, MANK Gallery, Szentendre, Hungary

2020, eco media art, DIG gallery, Košice, Slovakia

2020, eco media art: when work of art is something inbetween, ArtColony Cered, Cered, Hungary


2023, Cadence Video Poetry Festival, Northwest Film Forum, USA, Washington, Seattle 

2023, Under Szubcult online, 2023-03-11

2023, Zerbrechlichkeit, ProArtiSt Productions, Vreden, Germany

2023, Under Szubcult online, 2023-01-28

2023, VÍZALATTÉNEKELNI / SINGINGUNDERWATER, Átlátszó Hang Fesztivál 2023, Budapest

2022, Saigon Experimental Film Festival IV., ” Mama told me I’m experimental”, Vietnam

2022, Under Szubcult online, 2022-11-26

2022, Bach – Tod – Tanz, ProArtiSt Productions, Nordhausen Thüringen, Germany

2022, Leap Off Page, Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria

2022, ZEBRA Poetry Film Festival, Kulturbrauerei Berlin, Németország, Berlin

2022, Under Szubcult online, 2022-10-22

2022, View From the Anthropocene Conference, Institute of English and American Studies, University Debrecen, Debrecen

2022, Light Year 90: ULTRA SHORTS and NFTs, Leo Kuelbs Collection, New York-Toronto-Berlin

2022, 06. Magyar Klipszemle, Aquarium Club, Budapest

2022, Under Szubcult online, 2022-09-03


2022, Under Szubcult online, 2022-05-21

2021, 05. Magyar Klipszemle, Aquarium Club, Budapest

2021, 9th International Video Poetry Festival, Athen, Greece

Live act:

2023, noise vegetation, Made in Debrecen Festival, Debrecen, Hungary

2022, Gyaloghaddal a csillag-lejtőn, Múzeumok éjszakája, Kassák Múzeum, Budapest, Hungary

2022, Metropolis hangbeszédek, Auróra, Budapest