noise vegetation

video, 17’43”, 2023

noise vegetation is a group of artists -Kinga Tóth, Szabina Péter and Kristóf Bodnár -making music, video art, poetry, performances, installations

„Pine needles” layers many different, possible meanings of ’silence’ onto each other – different forms of voluntary and involuntary silences. During our time in a retreat, or in danger and threat, we often react to the fading of hearable voices by softly crooning.

„Offspring” aims to transcend the borders of mediums and genres – the central topic of the video is the freedom achieved through the alternative and experimental of words, pictures and sounds. This aesthetic approach unseparably connects to multiple social and political questions – the ones regarding the cultural, artificial and natural environments, and others regarding our private and public existences.

„Mouthflower” is a multisensual approach to the question of our sensory and extra-sensory attachment, belonging and connection to the environment. It happens all the time that, having moved our roots thoroughly – nobody know how, but – we find ourselves again in our own body, and our life continues. This indeed can be a life-changing experience – one capable of transforming the way we see and relate to the world.

Kristóf Bodnár: producer, synthesizers, mixing, mastering
Szabina Péter: sound and text collage (wikipedia entries), vocal, synthesizer, director, DOP, video editing, animation
Kinga Tóth: poems, sound and text collage, vocal, looper