How to get rid of ourself? / How to achieve liberation on our own? Episode 1


video, 11’ 32’’

#artificial intelligence #bardo #kittler #foucault #rhizoma #posthumanism #non-humanism

Autonomy of the digital signal-processing systems, pictures of the artificial gaze and the nature evolving from each other about the human – or its absence – accessible through and within them appear in the sequence. We are progressing and processing within and between bardos. We hear the machine-like, non-sensical speach of voice synthetizers, their feedback into a sign not recognizing itself. Liberation in a space void of subject. Accompanied by the accents of the voice-synthesizers reading in different languages the following two poems’ abstract sounds are heard:

“O now, when the Bardo of the Moment of Death upon me is dawning!

Abandoning attraction and craving, and weakness for all [worldly things],

May I be undistracted in the space of the bright [enlightening] teachings,

May I [be able to] transfuse myself into the heavenly space of the Unborn:

The hour hath come to part with this body composed of flesh and blood; May I know the body to be impermanent and illusory.“

“I am perishing, I am perishing…

Am I bearing or crapping now?”